"If Feel Bad, Shift the Focus!"

Jennifer Mualin is an extremely passionate success principles life coach. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, Florida Speakers Association, Miami Chamber of Commerce, WNC Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Unity on the Bay, Hollywood Center for Positive Living, and numerous other organizations dedicated to the area of personal transformation. She was nominated Woman of Excellence 2009 in her industry by the National Association for Professional and Executive Women. She has a Lifecoach Certification (Coaches Institute International), BA (University of Miami), MBA (Nova Southeastern University- 3.97 GPA), and graduated top 1% of the nation in her studies for seven consecutive years with over 15 nominations. She has years of leadership experience in retail with a track record of success up to hundreds of team members with Fortune 500 companies. She was directly trained by Richard Burnett who was VP of Corporate Sales of Jim Rohn International who trained over 800,000 Sales, Marketing & Executives, including: Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar & many other modern Gurus. She has participated in numerous workshops of top speakers such as Brian Tracy, Neale Donald Walsch, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, T. Harv Ecker, James Ray, among others. The Program Discovery Of Your Potential is a compilation of at least 20,000 hrs she has invested studying the top speakers in personal transformation and in inner insight to help the participants of this seminar unleash their potential and manifest it in every area of life NOW!

"My education sounds very nice but did it by itself help me substantially find and sustain the right job? Did it by itself help me substantially succeed in all the areas were my life was struggling? Did it by itself help me substantially be positive and joyful? Did it by itself help me create great relationships that would be leverage to my success? Did it by itself help me substantially on my personal life? Absolutely not.  I do not know about you but in school nobody taught me about Life 101, instead I learned all about the Roman Empire, which of course is something I use every single day. And so my life was a constant struggle. I took my first job as an Executive Team Leader at Target thinking I was prepared and failed. After three months I had to resign from the job. My relationships with people were a disaster, my attitude extremely negative, I had become extremely unbalanced, and my personal life was full of turmoil. I was very depressed and felt so much less than what I knew myself to be. I had engaged in the self improvement game and read a book of self improvement once a while but never really committed and then it happened to me.

In the midst of every difficult situation, in the midst of every trial, in the midst of every tribulation, there is an equal or greater treasure waiting to be revealed if your mind is open for it. And so it was around four years ago that I really committed to the self improvement game. I decided since then to not work more than 45 hours scheduled and dedicate 15-20 hours extra per week to studying successful principles from the top speakers and ½ to 1 hour a day in transformational meditation or in changing negative thoughts to my highest thoughts by connecting to the God within. On many weeks I was investing even more time than that when I would get extra time off from work and my last year of work I was doing around 25-30 hours per week of studying the top speakers and in inner insight. With this study and what I had done before this period I had spent around 20,000 hrs in studying successful principles from the top speakers in personal transformation and in inner insight.

The results were astounding. I had basically transformed myself from the inside out. I was successful in my role as an Operations Manager with Sears. My relationship with my team was extremely strong, I was getting few interruptions, and managing my time the most productively. The majority of the key operational metrics for which I was responsible were the best or very best in the district. Customer surveys were the best in the region for the year, credit went up to second in the nation, turnover was the best in the region, among others. I had become so positive and enthusiastic people were constantly complimenting me for my positive attitude. My team would go out of their way to support the causes I set. Team members would greet me at work full of enthusiasm of me being there. My personal life also became much more manageable. Then my life purpose as a success principles life coach became clear to me. Making this transition into a job that utilizes my greatest strengths, on activities I extremely enjoy, and with a cause to help others was the most joyful moment of my life. There have been challenges and will be. But my life became so much easier to manage and much more joyful.

Why am I sharing with you this? I care less about you knowing my successes and care more about you reaching yours. Because I know with certainty through my around 20,000 hours study I have done that what any successful person has achieved YOU can achieve! I have not only heard it and read it from numerous of the top speakers and writers but lived it. I invite you to register now to this FREE event of Discovery of Your Potential and take charge of your life now. What are you waiting to live your REAL life. Don't you realize the longer you wait the shorter of it you have to live?"

                                                                         LIVING YOUR POTENTIAL IS JUST ONE CHOICE AWAY- MAKE IT NOW!