Inspirational Poems

"Inspiration often comes to us on random moments, surprises us unexpectedly, and reflects our connection with source. Living in accordance to live principles and finding a way of life that matches who you are and your joy is paramount to an inspired heart. I invite you to en joy these poems, that they may return you to your own inspired heart, and shed light to your life. For we are all so apparently different, yet so seemingly alike, and we find our connection as we support each other as one. The purpose of life is joy. Listen to your heart. Its language are your feelings. Follow what feels right. For it is in feeling right that you will get aligned with your joy and attract all you desire, including an inspired heart."- Jennifer Mualin

To Live Your Life Purpose

To live your life purpose
be your purpose,
in an instant.
To live your life purpose
feel the life of your purpose,
in your soul.
To live your life purpose
strengthen the voice of your purpose,
with the voice of God.
To live your life purpose
be your purpose,
To live your life purpose
think greater
than yourself.
Think higher
than your thoughts.
Think deeper
than your words,
and wait,
for your purpose to be shown.
To live your life purpose
smile, forgive, let go,
and be love.
To live your life purpose
and don’t wake up.
To live your life purpose
make your foundation,
your source.
Release all fears,
and give space to God,
and then wait,
for your purpose to be shown.
Question within,
play without.
Look for joy,
in your self.
Think what to give,
with your strengths,
and forget about the rest,
for an instant.
To live your purpose
envision it,
To live your purpose
admission it
into the heaven
of your thoughts.
Into the window
of your soul.
Into the scripture
of your mind.
And then let
the God inside,
inspire your life.
And to live your purpose
remember the oneness
that formulates your existence,
and stay into that,
and look inside,
and laugh,
for you will find it,
waiting for you,
and you running to it,
as it has been many times,
but for the first time,
you recognize it,
as your true real purpose,
and the purpose of your life.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

Make This A Different Day

make this a different day,
were I stop seeking to win,
but rather give.
make this a different day,
were my courage,
is your strength.
make this a different day,
were my wisdom,
are your words.
make this a different day,
were the beginning and the end,
is this moment now.
make this a different day,
were I remember,
I cannot encounter who I am,
in the absence of who I am not.
make this a different day,
were I can see,
there is no difference between my life,
and the lives of those around me.
make this a different day,
different in intention,
were my only purpose,
is to realize you in me.
make this a different day,
were I sing with the birds,
and do not care of being heard.
make this a different day,
were I remember,
there is nothing to fear,
for you and I are one.
make this a different day,
were I stop and see
how many things I have,
rather than what I lack.
make this a different day,
were I live it,
as if it were the last.
make this a different day,
because I no longer seek to be,
but am.
make this a different day,
that I may help others remember,
who they really are.
make this a different day,
were I am not scared to laugh alone,
to cry outloud,
to be myself,
at every cost.
make this a different day,
were my prayer is of gratitude,
and my question an answer,
and my understanding,
an awareness,
that we are all one.
make this a different day,
were I stop rushing
and savor each moment,
as if it were the last.
And Father,
make this a different day,
were I see no mistakes,
only perfection,
and with nowhere else I need to be,
nothing else I need to have,
nothing I need to seek,
nothing I need to become,
except what I am being, having
seeking and becoming
in this eternal moment now.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

A Return to Love

Life is a process,
your soul its master;
the star the journey,
that guides its light.
Freedom is the essence
of life and love.
Love is the essence
of life and God.
God is the essence
of life.
Give to receive,
believe to achieve,
demand nothing,
accept everything,
let go and let God,
and just seek to change,
that which does not serve you.
Judge nothing,
that you may not be judged.
Risk everything,
at the sake of pure love.
Laugh loud,
cry hard,
extend a hand to the God inside.
Be your self
and dance your failures,
since there are no mistakes,
only perfection in disguise.
See no enemies,
for what you see is what you get,
what you expect is what you bring forth,
and the only lesson
is not one to learn,
but only to remember
with the song of your soul.
Heal all with love,
forgive all with joy,
that you may forgive yourself,
and dance with the music of your soul.
Be to do,
love to be,
be your self
with no regrets,
and don't forget,
you are creating everything,
there is no time but now,
and the only thing that matters
is your oneness with life.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

A Return to Oneness

To end the struggle,
embrace the oneness.
To ease the pain,
stop focusing on gain,
instead live the giving,
that resides in your heart.
To kill fear,
choose love.
To embrace hope,
be faith.
To live your live,
open your heart
and listen to your true feelings.
To forgive,
let go,
and know there is none but one.
To live,
let God
guide and inspire your life.
Know there are no yesterdays,
know there are no tomorrows,
only eternity in a present moment now.
If confused,
stop the doing,
only be love.
If unhappy,
stop the searching,
instead count your joys.
If lost,
don't look for God,
be God.
If uncertain,
be certainty
through the lives you touch.
If alone,
reach out,
for you can never be alone,
in a world full of lonely people.
If in pain,
cry out.
If in pleasure,
thank the God and heavens inside.
If in midst of downs,
you find no light,
know there is,
just let the cycles pass.
For light is who you are,
it is the God inside,
and it is in the not knowing,
that knowing abides,
in the darkness,
that you will find the light,
and in the sadness,
that you will get returned to your joy.
And so do not worry
of the dichotomies of life,
for it is the is not
were you will find what is,
and in the contradiction,
were you will find your truth,
for remember
you are in a journey to nowhere,
for there is nowhere you need to go,
everything you already are,
but to find it,
just be with the stillness,
be with your soul,
and the love that you are.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

Precious Time

If time is so precious
why do we waste it,
if it is the essence
that gives our lives life.
The more clarity
the more vision,
for how can we have vision
were confused thoughts abide?
If we can stop and think
why and were we are running,
then we can remember,
we do not need to run
and walk directly,
to were we belong.
If we can prioritize
and work on what is important,
then we can have time
to do the things we want,
bring more joy to our lives
and achieve much more,
than what we could ever strive.
If we make our work
our purpose,
then there is no limit
except those,
imposed by the mind.
If doing what gives us joy
is were success is found,
why do we resist this
rather than choose to wake up.
We do have a choice
but even this we forget,
and so we keep sleeping,
and keeps time passing by.
We know inside us
it is time to wake up,
but then we say we don’t know
and keep sleepwalking through life.
It is much better
to wake up,
before life has passed us by
and then we look by,
to what could have been
but we were so busy,
running nowhere
that we could not see.
So become aware,
were your time is going
and if it is constructing,
the life you really want.
And if not
do not judge it,
just choose now
to spend it,
were it leads to that life.
And live it,
were it gives you joy.
And share it,
through your strengths.
And speak it,
as if it is forever yours.
And thank it to God,
Because then
you will have remembered,
that life is joy
and joy is life,
and if you are going
to master time,
first you are to master
the joy in your life,
and remember
what gives you that joy,
and manage your time
around that,
to redesign your life
to the life,
that envisions
who you really are,
and the love that you are,
in an eternal moment
were you conclude each chapter,
and start a new one
but this time remembering,
you are the author of
your story,
and the sculpture of
your life,
and the holder of
your time,
precious time,
your life’s greatest gift,
in designing
who you really are,
and share the love
in your heart.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

A True Leader

A true leader
is not born,
but made.
A true leader
leads with love
and boundless faith.
A true leader
is reconnected with his source,
and it overflows
to those around him.
A true leader
doesn’t care if he is the leader,
as long as he
inspires his people,
to their own greatness.
A true leader
holds a vision
greater than himself,
and doesn’t let go
until it is achieved.
A true leader sees
the essence of his people
and not just,
the customs others perceive.
A true leader celebrates the victories
and challenges the failures,
to take his people
to were they have never been.
A true leader
empowers others,
but not micromanages.
A true leader
is the example
others seek to live.
A true leader
trusts others
before they trust him.
And serves others
before they have served him.
A true leader
doesn’t settle on mediocrities,
but constantly returns others,
to their own greatness.
A true leader doesn’t believe
in bureaucracies
but rather desinterestly,
serves the people.
A true leader
is the example
he seeks to set.
A true leader
is one in many,
and yet many
become the one,
in a true leader.
A true leader
reaches heaven,
only to give others
the experience of reaching
such a state.
A true leader
uses we
instead of I.
and rarely asks,
but rather motivates others
to ask themselves
what they really want,
and then supports them
on that.
A true leader
never enforces
because how can he enforce
when the only force
is one,
and it is not outside him
but within him evermore.
A true leader
it is not in making followers
what will cause him to succeed,
but developing leaders.
A true leader
cries when he needs to cry,
but then gets up
stronger than before.
A true leader
is the power of God
in the human soul,
manifesting love
and the joy of life.
A true leader
is faith unannounced.
A true leader
is spirit profound.
A true leader
is life expressed.
A true leader
is truth professed.
A true leader
is one and so many things
that all go back
to the people he leads,
and the vision he sets,
and the glory he gets,
when he looks in the eyes
of others
and sees in them
an aspect of himself,
in the greatness of others,
because he believed in them
before they believed in him,
and he could see deeper,
greater and grander,
than what the majority would
have seen,
through his eyes of love,
through his God inside,
and so ,
that is why
he is a true leader,
and if you find him,
greet him and invite him,
he will recognize you
before you have seen him
as the next great leader
he has ever seen.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

True Love

 True love
is boundless,
it is eternal,
and a reflection
of your soul,
to dance in union
with the glory of yourself,
without counting steps,
without looking back,
just singing the melody
of your heart,
in a tune,
that is your own.
True love
is free.
It does not possess,
mistakes it does not regret,
it is not dutiful,
it is bountiful.
It does not regret
its pace,
it does not forget
its dance,
it continues unattached,
free to survive,
claiming love,
pronouncing faith,
knowing truth expressed,
through a look that is eternal,
a being of oneness,
an expression of gladness,
that it can create its own dance.
It rejoices
in forgiveness,
for it forgets
all grievances,
even before these are there.
It restores light
were darkness abides,
and stays with the light.
It is childish,
it is mundane,
it is divine,
it is plural,
it is singular,
it is everything,
it is nothing,
it is life expressed
through the divinity inside.
True love is indeed an art
and the master of your craft,
is your heart,
so listen to it.
True love
is glory,
in the nothingness
of the everything,
that gives place to your existence.
It trips and falls,
but raises up
stronger than before.
It does not give up,
were there is no hope,
but blindly chooses faith.
It does not demand,
it does not even ask,
but just invites
by giving much more back.
True love
may take a lifetime
to truly live that way,
but it can be experienced
in an instant,
if at any moment you are aware,
that life is eternal,
and your love the answer,
to the quest of your soul,
and any problem you may have.
The answer is simple,
once experienced,
and it takes two to dance it,
yet one to create the dance.
And it is not attained
through just words,
but rather lived from the inside out,
and once it is lived,
there is nothing to reclaim
of the love that was there,
only joy of life expressed,
through the divinity of true love
that returns you home,
and to your own self,
in a magnificent instant,
were you can at least glimpse,
that in a world of illusions,
true love is the only answer,
that will always shed the light.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

A Dance With God

sometimes I feel
I can’t no more,
my energy weakens,
my spirit confused
searches for light.
And then you restore me,
you show me there is no right,
and there is no problem,
that does not solve itself
through time.
You show me life,
you show me me,
and nothing more,
and the certainty of nothing more,
I need to live,
exept this moment now.
Then I cry,
Then I feel,
how you hug me with tears,
and you are there to heal
my soul.
You show me
you love me,
without showing me.
You tell me
my worth,
without words.
You remind me
my Godliness,
in alonness.
You soothe me.
you hug me.
Then you carry me
through the first step.
Then I take the second
and thank you.
Then I quietly
remember again who I am,
and keep walking our path,
with the strength
that only you can provide
and that fills me with joy,
and that is my light.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

I Do Not Know What I Feel

I do not know
what I feel,
it is like truth
is coming to me,
and I have awakened.
I do not know
what I feel,
it is like spirit
is shining through me,
I do not know
what I feel,
but I feel,
my struggles will be
so much less,
because I’ve taken His way.
I do not know
what I feel,
or if I feel,
or if it is Him feeling through me.
I do not know
what I feel,
but feel,
I’ve made the best decision
in following my purpose,
and being who I am.
I do not know
what I feel,
or if I feel,
or am.
I do not know
what I feel,
and I do not know
but I love it,
and I thank you,
and I rejoice
in the awakening
of my soul
in your soul,
of my life
in your life,
of my path
in your path,
quietly, blissfully,
gratefully, and unexpectedly,
and yes,
I do not know
what I feel.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

Giving Unconditionally

I gave,
I expected nothing.
I gave,
just to be who I am.
Now so many pray for me,
so many thank me,
and I just see,
the oneness of love and life.
For you see my God,
I was lost,
but in you I am found.
You changed me,
from the inside out.
Now I slow my pace,
I take a break,
and watch the sky.
No longer is my gain to win,
but to give,
and I win,
when this I no longer care.
And so many now,
multiply back what I give,
when I am in no need for this,
I am just being who I am,
and giving is just natural.
Thank you Lord,
for helping me realize,
that the only thing that matters,
is your relationship with all life,
that what you give
comes back multiplied,
that nothing we need,
and that you and I my father,
are one with life.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin

The Dichotomies of Life

It is in the dichotomy
of the low and the high,
life’s contradiction,
the flow of life.
If I decide though,
how to react,
I ease the struggle,
I bring more joy,
but if joy is part of the struggle,
and the struggle is part of the joy,
and if I can not know one,
unless I encounter the other,
then what is low?
then what is high?
Ah, the dichotomies
of life,
that so often
rob away our peace of mind.
But if we can see in the low
the high,
but if we can see in the high
the low,
then perhaps we can bring forth more peace,
then perhaps we can bring forth more joy,
but ah without attachment,
without need,
because it is all part of the one,
and part of the one it is,
and part of the one it flows,
and part of the one I am,
and part of the one I am not,
and I could not know one,
unless I experience the other,
so let it be,
let it stand,
and watch it all pass,
with the cycles of life.

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin


My father

sometimes I get scared

I may not be good enough

in your eyes,

that I may be selfish sometimes,

sometimes human.

But then I remember

your love is unconditional,

your words eternal,

your peace always with me,

no matter what.

Sometimes I may not see it,

sometimes I may not see you,

but there you are

forever inside,

whispering life,

singing me love.

Sometimes I may not listen,

but there you are,

just waiting quietly,

my return home.

Not demanding,

not requiring,

just observing,

what will I do next,

and then ready to assist,

to fill me in bliss,

when the moment of truth

has come.

That is why

you soothe my soul,

you are my strength

when I feel my mistakes

and remember

I am only human

and in comparison to

the human love

I’ve been taught to manifest,

your love my God

is not conditional,

and is forever inside

I may not see it all the times,

but there it lies

quietly, unexpectedly,

truthfully, happily,

waiting to be found.    

Unconditional Love,

Jennifer Mualin