"If Feel Bad, Shift the Focus!"

Law of Attraction & The Principles Driven Life



18) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how the Law of Attraction works and how to master it to manifest all you desire into your life.

“The Law of Attraction is the rulemaker of your life, you are still playing even if you do not know the rules.”-Jennifer Mualin
“You are the creator of your life and it will not show up any other way than how you think it will.”- Neale Donald Walsch
“This is the movie of your life, you write the script, and you are the star. Let your life shine. Don’t hide your light.”- Marianne Williamson
• "A man is what he thinks about all day long.”- Emerson The Law of Attraction is the Law of Life expressed. It basically states that like thoughts attract like thoughts. This means that your thoughts by attracting similar thoughts create your reality. There is no coincidence for 1% of the population earning around 96% of resources. It is the Law of Attraction the basis for which all principles work. Heaven and hell are states of mind due to right or wrong thinking. You are your own rule maker, you set the guidelines. “The mind shapes the very thing that is being perceived.”- Fred Allan Wolf. Your attitude is the only difference in between success and failure.
• View yourself as a human transmission machine. “You are a magnet through your thoughts.”- Asarof Every thought has a frequency. You are constantly attracting to you more thoughts according to the frequency of the energy of the thoughts you are transmitting. By attracting such like thoughts you create feelings that match the energy frequency of the thoughts you are transmitting. These feelings then attract to you the people, events, circumstances, and conditions of your life according to the thoughts you are transmitting. This is a glorious experience if the thought is positive. Hellatious if the thought is negative. “What is happening is merely happening. How you respond to it is what matters.”- Neale Donald Walsch (leading spirituality speaker)
• “The Law of Attraction is the law of life. Attracting to you evermore multiple versions of reflections of your own thoughts.”- Jennifer Mualin Your thoughts are rooted from two energies: love or fear. Thoughts rooted by love create feelings based on this energy. Such feelings are joy, excitement, peace, abundance, clarity among others. Thoughts rooted by FEAR (False Energy Appearing Real) create feelings based on this energy. Such feelings are depression, anger, guilt, impatience, scarcity, confusion among others. Fearful thoughts are indications from the universe that you are not being who you are or in alignment with your source.
• The Law of Attraction is working at all times despite you knowing it or not. We receive around 60,000 thoughts a day- The Secret. It is impossible to monitor every single thought. It is through monitoring your thoughts by monitoring your feelings that you can become aware of the negative thoughts that just entered your mind.
Thought becomes belief when you have worked on it repeatedly. When you have positive beliefs about yourself you will radiate positive thoughts and thereby positive feelings that will manifest the reality of such beliefs. The opposite is just the case.
• That is why by changing your beliefs or sponsoring thoughts you can dramatically change your life. It is impossible to feel bad and be having good thoughts or beliefs in place.
• And since thoughts are things and attract more of its kind it is important to surround yourself more time with positive rather than negative people.
Also, everything is happening now. Be happy now. As you are happy in this moment you bring more joy to your life. The secret of getting what you want is to develop a full appreciation for this moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it. Be in this moment without need.
• The mind in its own place can create a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven. So how do you master the Law of Attraction? You master the Law of Attraction by first becoming aware. Becoming aware of what you are thinking by becoming aware of what you are feeling. If you are feeling joy, peace, excitement, abundance, success or any other positive feelings keep thinking that.

“Your mind is the only thing you need to master to master the Law of Attraction. The key to unlocking it are your thoughts. The tools to understand it are your feelings. And your servants of creation are your words and actions manifested. Therefore you are the only master to master”- Jennifer Mualin
• Esther and Jerry Hicks in the Book “Ask and it is Given” constantly emphasize the importance of reaching for a better feeling thought at each moment. The key to living a happy or successful life is then to keep thinking thoughts that make you feel good or give you a sense of “relief”. By always reaching for a better feeling thought and saying the story that feels good or you desire you put yourself in a good feeling state were you will be in vibrational alignment with such stories to attract such stories and all your desire into your life.
• The key is doing what you feel right for yourself while including as part of your decision considering others. Keep thinking thoughts that cause you to have joy and overall peace at the same time. Full peace may not always happen given the world we live. But overall peace and joy at the same time has been for me the greatest indication a thought is who I am or conducive to the desires I want.
• Now, if you are feeling anger, guilt, depression, unsuccessful, anxiety, anger, resentment or any other negative emotion stop. Ask yourself what thoughts just entered my mind? Is there any negative belief showing up? Have I violated a principle? If you keep doing what you have done, you will get the same results. This belief could be you are not good enough, you are not worthy enough, and so on.
• Observe the thoughts passing through your mind. Observe. Feel your feelings. Once you have identified a few negative thoughts and felt your feelings you will know which of these thoughts are causing you such negative feelings. Then you cancel these negative thoughts and think again opposite positive thoughts that give you joy. You will be basically changing the predominant fearful thoughts with loving thoughts.
• Up till now you have RE ACTED that means acted again your previous experiences. Now you are going to ACT or CREATE your real life. You are literary creating a new habit of thinking. It has been scientifically proven it takes 21 days to change a habit. After 21 days it will be easier to think more positive than negative and you will have taken the most important step in directing your mind.
• Up till now you have been playing luck. You have viewed yourself as things happening to you rather than through you. It is now time to reclaim your life by reclaiming your thinking and realizing you are the master and creator of your life now and always. It is now time to be at choice of your life rather than a choice of it. It is time to manifest your true dreams by embracing your highest thinking. At the encounter of every problem ask yourself what would love do now? It is time now to connect your innermost thoughts with those of your higher self or God within to discover and live your potential! Think, speak, and act according to your highest self now! Be it NOW!
“If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page” – Mark Houlahan

19) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how the principles of life work and how to master these to live the practical applications of positive thinking.

The principles of life are the laws of cause and effect. These do not fail even as you do not know these. For these are the laws governing life and the causes are always inside of yourself creating the effects you see outside of yourself.”-Jennifer Mualin
“The principles of life navigate within the realm of the Law of Attraction, the water are your thoughts, the ship is YOU, and the shark is FEAR.”- Jennifer Mualin

What is positive thinking? Positive thinking seems to be a general term. Everybody seems to be saying think positive. In this part we are going to get more specific into how to get in tune with positive thinking by choosing the positive thoughts that will not put us at the effect of the illusions we create from wrong thinking. There are certain principles or immutable laws of cause and effect that govern life. Not applying the correct use of the principles we will be referring will create illusions that rob away your peace of mind.
• By understanding these principles you will be able to choose the positive thoughts over the negative thoughts most easily by knowing what these positive thoughts look like.
“The principles of life are the energy of love in motion.”-Jennifer Mualin

20) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of oneness to manifest all abundance into your life.

“The minute you embrace oneness you remember your life and the lives of those around you are one. You also remember you and the creator one. Then you remember there is nothing to fear, nothing to lack, for everything you could possibly want you already have through the oneness of life. The same oneness that grants your life light.”- Jennifer Mualin
“A human being lives under the illusion that he is separated from others. Our task must be to get out of this prison by embracing compassion to all living creatures.”- Einstein

• The principle of oneness is the most essential principle of human existence. Without it all other principles collapse. We are one with God and one with each other. One with God means we all have inside us that inner genius that we can call at any given moment by listening to our highest thoughts. That is the outstanding power of meditation or taking some time each day to quiet the world outside and listen to our innermost thoughts.
Einstein only used 7% of his brain capacity. As humans we use 3-5%. Through listening to your highest thoughts you will get access to the mind of God or highest self to live the greatest potential and be the genius you naturally are.
• How do you identify your highest thoughts or God within guiding your life? God’s word is that which causes in you the highest thought, the clearest word, and the grandest feeling.
• Ask yourself solutions to your greatest problems. And listen. When you are encountering difficult negative circumstances see these as temporary and go more than ever within yourself. That way you continuously are the most clear and function at your most productive state.
We are one with life. That means you and the other are one. That means there is nothing you can cause to experience to another that you did not first cause to experience to yourself. That means there is nothing you can give to another that you did not give to yourself and there is nothing that you will take from another that you did not limited on receiving yourself first.
• The reason oneness is also so powerful is that thoughts of oneness are rooted on love and produce the positive feelings of joy, peace, excitement, and so on as mentioned before. Likewise, the thoughts of separation (separation from God and one another) are rooted on fear and produce negative feelings of anger, guilt, depression, and so on as we mentioned before. That is why when we act based on thoughts of separation we are in tune with the feelings of fear which will attract to us the negative events and circumstances we do not want through the energy of those same thoughts. That is why no action taken to hurt another will not first hurt the self for such action will put you in the energy frequency of that hurt to attract more hurt into your life.
• “Do onto others as thou will like to be done to you.” Ask yourself, how would I like to be treated if I were him or her? The most successful people are those who serve the greatest number of people.
“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody”- Chinese Proverb

21) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of gratitude to fix yourself upon the best and multiply your blessings.

“Your gratitude is your life’s greatest gift. For it is the gift to your joy. As you focus on what you have at any given moment you can be happy.”- Jennifer Mualin
“Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.”- Zig Ziglar

Count your blessings, not your troubles. The most successful people have agreed on the principle of gratitude as one of the most important principles of life.
• “Joy is what happens to us when we recognize how good things really are.”- The Secret The reason this principle is so in tune with the Law of Attraction is that since like thoughts attract like thoughts as you focus on what you want you attract more of what you want.
• Feel grateful for the day in advance as if it were done.
A similarly powerful exercise is every day when you wake up for 5-10 minutes thank God about the things you are grateful in your life. You can either focus on what is right or wrong and attract more of that. Why not chose right? If anything is missing in life, it is time to appreciate and enjoy what we already have.
• It is gratitude which brings the mind the closest to greatness because it keeps its eyes focused on that greatness and as what you focus on expands greatness expands. Gratitude also is aligned with seeing good everywhere. It is seeing the cup half full rather than half empty.
• When you choose the positive thought that causes you to see the good in every situation, person, event, or circumstance you are creating the feelings to create a reality for that good to manifest. Happiness comes from sometimes adjusting to what is and not trying to adjust everything to your desires. As you expect you bring forth. As you believe you bring about. As you perceive you manifest. So see good everywhere and see what is already there rather than what is lacking in every circumstance and you will bring more good out of these circumstances now.
The more powerful prayer is not a request but rather thankfulness in advance that the deed has been done.
• You don’t get things to feel a certain way. You feel a certain way and then get things. It is not were you live physically but internally what matters.
You will manifest faster as you understand even though you want certain aspects of the job or relationship to change it is not necessary for these aspects to change for you to be happy or whole. For happiness is an internal process not dependent on anything outside of yourself but on you choosing to be happy at any given moment.
“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.”- Brian Tracy

22) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of for giveness to be in the energy of love that will attract living your best life now.

“To forgive love and appreciate continuously everyone and everything.” Hamid Mchatet
“Forgive means to forget that there are personages in the errors of your life. And remembering there is none but you.”- Jennifer Mualin
“Winning or losing is not the game. But loving or failing to love.” –Neale Donald Walcsh.

• You can be happy or right. Take 100% responsibility for your life that you may heal it. Forgiveness is so essential because when we are unforgiving we are creating feelings based on fear that will attract negative conditions to our lives. When you are for giving (towards giving love) you are choosing the loving thought and as you choose the loving thought you are creating feelings of joy and peace that will attract the positive conditions, events, and circumstances in your life. Forgive others and you forgive yourself.
There are no victims. Only outcomes of your thoughts about a thing. Have no time for quarrels or regrets. Forgive. Let go and let God take over any hurts in your life. Do you prefer to be right or happy? “The offender never forgives.”- Proverb
• “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”- Ghandi Forgiveness starts with the self. “What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself.”
• If you are feeling pain remove the judgment of yourself and others. That which you condemn will condemn you and that which you judge you will one day become through the same principle of oneness. So bless all and just seek to change that which does not serve you. For everything is pushing you to be the best you can be. And forgive yourself. You are human. Not perfect. And sometimes to experience loving yourself first you have to go through the pain of experiencing other human feelings to understand these are not who you are. How can you forgive others of that which you have not yet experienced?
• “The beauty of forgiveness is that the moment you forgive others you stop being so hard on yourself.”- Jennifer Mualin "All of us are children of conditions, of circumstances, of education, of acquired habits and heredity molding men, as they are and forever will be.” To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU!
• Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. “It is not in your defenselessness that you will find weakness but strength.”- Marianne Williamson (leading spirituality speaker).
• Remember you cannot understand your half if you reject the other. And the situation will keep showing up until you remember the lesson. “Truth is relentless. It will not leave you until you see it.”- Neale Donald Walsch. But the pain does not need to be there if you for give.
• That is why when you are not for giving love towards another you are not for giving love towards your self.
Remember it is much easier to change what you are doing than what another is doing. Only when you can claim the event can you change it. So see good in everyone and everything. “In my defenselessness lies my safety.”- Marianne Williamson You are indeed the center of your universe. And so remember you are causing everything consciously (through your choice) or unconsciously (through previous events, conditions, and circumstances) to be the greatest person you can become. You are the cause not at cause of your experience. And there is no one but you.
• “All attack is a call for help.”- Marianne Williamson When perceiving an attack say always: “I choose peace instead of this.”
“If we practice an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, soon the whole world will be blind and toothless.” – Ghandi

23) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of trust to break free from the illusions the ego self will construct from distrusting.

“I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn't need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about."- Henry Ford
It is better to be cheated than never trust.” Distrustful thoughts breed more distrustful thoughts. Trustful thoughts breed more trustful thoughts. Trust is so essential because if you do not trust yourself you are letting fearful thoughts rule your life and not creating the life you are meant to live. The same applies to when you are distrusting others. When you are distrusting you are reacting according to previous events, conditions, and circumstances.
• So what oftentimes happens is that we are carrying a baggage of reasons of why we should distrust ourselves, and others.
What we do not realize is that it was our thoughts of mistrust of ourselves and others that created the feelings rooted on fear that attracted the project to fail, the boyfriend to cheat, the friend to be disloyal. And instead of seeing this as such we keep looking for circumstances and people to prove why we can’t trust. It is much easier to change the thinking. But then the ego comes in. For if we trust freely and let ourselves experience the trust and love we really are it is threatening for the ego. For the ego says “you can get hurt”. For your real self there is no hurt because your real self only knows unconditional love. But this is how the ego plays us out into not trusting.
• The ego self will show you a truth that has nothing to do with who we are or the love we are. And the ego truth will always lead to pain and illusions.
They put a defense (fearful thought) and so they create an attack (what they feared). For what you fear and defend you bring about. And the only way to kill fear is to choose love and fast before the ego mind kills the idea.
• Trust blindly and completely continuously. As you do this you will dramatically change the circumstances in your life and no longer attract the liars or cheaters but the honest and loyal.
“To have trust in others you first have to trust yourself. For you cannot trust yourself without already trusting others.”- Jennifer Mualin

24) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of faith to tune in with a great force that will lead to the full realization of your vision.

“Faith knows no reason. Sees no limits. Hears no opposition. It is the inexplicable of the explicable which gives the explicable a life on its own for no reason other than the adoration of its faith.”- Jennifer Mualin
“On a long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions; it is the best refreshment on the journey; and it is the greatest property.”- Buddha

• The principle of faith works like all the other principles in attracting the positive feelings that will attract the reality you want. The principle of faith is the foundation of which all other principles are based. You cannot implement any of the other principles if there is no faith. Faith in your self, in the God within, and in this process. Faith is so essential because when you have faith you are focusing on what can be rather than what currently is.
• “Faith is the fuel that drives the energy of determination.”- Mualin. It keeps you going when others would have given up. Faith is believing in the God inside. Faith is believing in yourself. Faith is holding on that vision of yourself when others tell you it is not possible. And you can only have faith in others by having faith first in yourself. So have faith now! Have faith in your God-given potential, have faith in yourself, and have faith in your ability to have full faith in others.
So be like the child that has faith and keeps playing no matter how many times he gets hurt. Have faith like the survivor of a life threatening illness. Have faith like the runner that won the marathon with one leg. Have faith like the mother that raises healthy children by herself. Have faith like the loved one that has to see her partner die in peace. Have faith like the beggar that finds his dreams and makes millions. Have faith like the child that learns to walk the first time. Have faith like only you can have for yourself. And nobody can have it for you. And you cannot have it for others.
• Have an unwavering faith that your vision of the best person you can become is yours to realize.
“Faith is the ability to sustain hope when others have given up.”- Jennifer Mualin

25) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of freedom to live the greatness of who you really are by not limiting others.

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”- Einstein
“Take away a man from his freedom and you will take away his greatness.”- Mualin
• The principle of freedom is yet so simple and yet so misunderstood. The reason it is so misunderstood is because of fear. Fear will distort the concept of freedom because it will seem to great to be true. For how can we be free in an unfree world. Yet it is this freedom the cause of our existence. Freedom granted by God to experiment from our own choices to remember who we are and grow.
This freedom does not mean there are no consequences for other’s actions. It means we let other make their own choices and make our choices according to that. But yet we will take this God-given freedom and limit it to another. And thereby kill the other. For were there is no choice there is no other. For how can there be an other when that other has lost his self and is just pleasing the other. And so we bound ourselves by the same principle of oneness that there is nothing we cause to another that first we did not cause to experience ourselves. And by limiting others we limit ourselves. And then we have more reasons to limit others. For they are limiting me. And like thoughts attract like thoughts. Like feelings attract like feelings. Every action breeds reaction. And the cycle never ends. For to the degree that you limit the other you are not free. And the freedom missing will be equivalent to the degree of which you are limiting the other.
So let others walk their path that you may walk yours firmly. For it is in the gift of individuality that oneness resides. For we are really so appealingly different yet so seemingly alike. For where there is one there is the other. Yet were there is the other there is one.
• You are still giving the other the freedom to make his or her choices but just letting the other know what are your choices according to the choices he or she makes. There is no force or threat. The key for this to work is how lovingly and kindly such words are expressed. The focus is on your self and changing your self and not another. For robbing another of his or her own choices will never lead to long lasting change but actually destroy the relationship.
• The important point is using the energy of love to heal negative aspects of another rather than fear by giving free choice. It is love the only source of lasting change. In yourself and others. It is love which holds relationships together. Not fear. For fear will only work in the short term and eventually destroy the relationship.
“Freedom equals choice. Were there is no choice there is no freedom. Just like you can’t have freedom without choice.”- Jennifer Mualin

26) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of clarity to speed up the process of manifesting your goals.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”- Galileo Galilei
“How can you manifest what you want when you do not know what you want? Knowing precedes experience. And the clearer you are the fastest your results.”- Jennifer Mualin

The principle of clarity is the principle which speeds up the process of manifestation. It is the principle which aligns your mind with the goal you will like to achieve by focusing your mind on an actionable plan to achieve it. The reason why this principle goes in tune with the Law of Attraction is that by you focusing your mind on clear thoughts on what you will like to achieve you attract more clear thoughts on how to get your goal accomplished and that way create the feelings of joy and excitement conducive to getting your goals accomplished. By being in this energy frequency you will attract the people, places, and circumstances to get your goal to fruition.
• The reason why clarity is so precise in getting your goals to manifestation is because the mind is focused on looking for ways to realize your goals and therefore the realization of your goal rather than focusing on such realization not being possible.
But for now remember that as you form a clear picture of what you want with clear initial steps to make it happen you will be attracting the thoughts of any future steps to finalize your plan and attracting like feelings for the realization of your goal up to manifestation.
“The world is as you perceive it to be. For me clarity is a word for beauty. It is what I am and when I am clear I see only beauty. Nothing else is possible.”- Byron Katie

27) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to apply the principle of abundance to manifest true abundance in all areas of life including wealth.

“Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.”- Deepak Chopra
“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” - Wayne Dyer
“Life is abundantly rich. It is only our thinking which oftentimes makes it scarce.”-Jennifer Mualin

You cannot become rich by focusing on lack or prosperity. Focus on what you want to manifest.
• The principle of abundance focuses on collaboration not competition. Rather than focusing on lack and how there is not enough we focus on prosperity and how there is more than enough everywhere. That doesn’t mean there is no limitation or scarcity. That means we do not focus on it because we know that even were that limitation is there is abundance waiting to be manifested. That doesn’t mean tough economical conditions do not exist. That means we do not focus on these because we realize true abundance is not manifested based on economical conditions but manifested from within. The only real scarcity can exist in our thinking.
• And YOU can do the same. “In America every person becomes millionaire every 12 minutes. 80% of millionaires are self made.”- Brian Tracy (leading business and motivational speaker)
Notice there is no competition. For how can there be competition when there is more than enough. There is more than enough love, there is more than enough money, there is more than enough of whatever you choose to manifest. Just because it is not there yet it does not mean it can not be there. In fact, it is through it not being there yet which gives you the potential to create it. God wants you to be rich and manifest all abundance. It is the thought that I have to get richer by removing riches from another which causes the greatest limitation to your abundance or wealth.
For it is the focus on winning another and being better than another that eludes your own greatness. If there is more than enough you do not need to worry about being better than anyone. Just focus on being better than you were yesterday and manifesting the abundance within yourself.
You manifest true abundance from the inside out. And many people are still thinking it is the other way around.
If you believe you got to work hard for money or life is a struggle that is what you will manifest. Also do not label money as bad because if you label money as bad and you are good how can you attract that which is bad or you condemn.
• Wish wealth for other people.
See it everywhere, give some away, and enjoy it and the universe can’t help but give you more of it. For your own energy of love toward what you are manifesting (by using it for a good cause and enjoying it) will attract the feelings (of joy, peace, and abundance) to attract much more of it. This is what the most successful people do to attract more and more success. Wealth is a mindset. What more abundance do you want than to know that the genius mind of God is always within you waiting to be called?
Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” - Wayne Dyer

28) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to effectively visualize to use the power of your imagination to manifest your vision of the best you can become.

You can be, do, and have whatever you imagine.” – Neale Walsch
“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic into it.”- Goethe
“I dream my painting and then paint my dream.”- Vincent Van Gogh

• The power of visualization is that the limbic part of the brain does not know the difference between what you imagine or what is real. As you are visualizing you are focusing on what you want. Visualization can be done by simply taking a few minutes each day (5-10 minutes) visualizing the end result of what you will like to manifest. The key for visualization to work is to become clear on the end result of what you will like to manifest and add feelings into the visualization.
• Imagine yourself already realizing what you will like to manifest in your mind. Put some music if it generates to you those emotions. But feel the feelings. Stay with those feelings. Make your visualization active by seeing the people around you, your movements, and what you are saying.
• “It is as easy to manifest a dollar than a million dollars. But it comes to you according to your belief.”- The Secret. Hold on to your vision of your visualization each day until you achieve it.
“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge- myth is more potent than history- dreams are more powerful than facts- hope always triumphs over experience- laughter is the cure for grief-love is always stronger then death.”- Robert Fulghum

29) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to act as if or fake it until you make it.

“Act yourself into what you want. Don’t you realize you are acting it all out anyways? You just do not remember this.”- Jennifer Mualin
• Action is the fastest way of changing your experience. Aligned action is the most powerful as referred in the managing emotions (Esther and Jerry Hicks) section mentioned before.  When there are thoughts though difficult for you to change you can move into action and fake it. As you repeatedly do this you will change your thinking. For instance, the fastest path to cheerfulness if cheerfulness is lost, is to sit up and cheerfully act and speak as if cheerfulness is already there.
• Acting as if is also imagining yourself already becoming the greatest person you could become or imagining yourself already realizing the goal you want to achieve. How would you be talking and acting? How would you be reacting to what others say and do? Move into that now. How would you be thinking? Move into that now. You are going to fake it until you make it. That is you are going to act out your reality into existence.
As you act as if you have already become the greatest person you imagine yourself to be you will be in tune with the feelings of manifesting such reality and as you do this you will attract such reality.
“Acting as if is faking it until you make it. Or making it by faking it.”- Mualin

30) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to tune in to the OUTSTANDING POWER OF BEING.

“If life were about doing why are you then a human being. Might as well have been a human doing. But this is not how it is.”- Jennifer Mualin
“Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.”- Robert Ingersoll

Beingness precedes experience. Override your mind’s thinking and move with your soul. Be love, joy, compassion, excitement, generosity, enthusiasm, patience, peace, and understanding.
• By being these things you will attract through the feelings more thoughts to be these things and attract positive circumstances to your life.
“Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is but a vision. But today well lived will make yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well to this day.”- Indian Proverb
It takes seventy-two muscles to frown, but only thirteen to smile”.

31) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to break free of the worry habit to be fully in the now moment without fear.

“Worry is fear expressed. And it is of the most pervasive forms of negative energy.”- Jennifer Mualin
“When I can’t handle events, I let them handle themselves.”- Henry Ford
Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday. How do I know what I am worrying about will not come to pass? It is important that you stop worrying to start living. Worry can create anything from indigestion, heart attack or many other illnesses. Dale Carnegie (leading transformational speaker) refers to in the face of any obstacle ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? Realize it is not too bad anyways.
• Experiment with it. You will see it as very likely not occurring. Accept it if you have to. “What you resist, persists. What you look at disappears.”- Neale Donald Walsch If you truly look at something you will see the illusion and it will have no power over you.
• Worry is wasted mental energy because you are focusing on what you don’t want rather than want. As like thoughts attract like thoughts and like feelings attract like feelings worried thoughts will bring about more worried thoughts to cause the negative circumstances that you are worrying about to happen. Also, spend no time worrying about what others think of you. It is wasted. Only get concerned about what you think of yourself. At the end YOU hold yourself accountable.
Remember, circumstances do not make you happy or unhappy. It is the way you react to circumstances which determines our feelings. Live each day at a time rather than trying to solve all your life problems at once.
“Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have.”- Dale Carnegie 

32) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on how to use positive affirmations to make your words positive creative force in the universe.

“The key is what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”
• A master does not speak of suffering because he or she understands the power of the word in attracting more circumstances of what he or she is talking about.
• Affirmations are powerful statements of what is so. Some affirmations are “my success is coming to me”, “when something is in my experience I attracted it. It is up to me to heal it”, “I can do this”, “I will”, “I know”, “All things are possible”, “The God in me guides and inspires my life.”
You do not cause affirmations to happen by repeating strings of words, but by holding the highest vision of yourself with unshakable purpose and faith to attain it and merely saying these affirmations as a statement of what is so.

33) In the Discovery Program you will be reminded on the Law of Opposites to understand the cycles of life and develop patience with your downs.

“God never sends us more than we can handle.”- Mother Theresa
• Be patience with your downs. Because sometimes you will have to make mistakes you are human. And you cannot encounter who you are in the absence of who you are not. Sometimes you have to act based on fear to remember it is not who you are through the pain of it and experience love. For how would you know what love is if there is only love to experience? We are in the world of the relative were nothing exists without its opposite.
All great achievers have multiple reasons to believe they are failures. But they remain positive and persevere.
• See failure as temporary and keep moving towards your vision relentlessly without taking mistakes personally.
Envy not success nor pity or failure. For you do not know what success or failure is for your soul.”- Neale Walcsh

Success is a science. Make a decision to be happy and successful. The key to changing your current thoughts, words, and actions is conditioning. Just like your mind got conditioned with all the negative stuff that has been showing up in your life now you got to condition it with the positive stuff that will lift you up. “58% of adults never read a nonfiction book after high school. Reading one nonfiction book a month will put you within the top 1% of Americans”- Brian Tracy. Commit yourself to reading/listening every day for at least 1 hour material to become the most successful you can be. Around 90% of success depends on mind training. Two things will make you wiser- the books you read and the people you listen to. Brian Tracy (leading time management and business speaker) increased his income 100 times by applying successful principles. “The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read”. – Abraham Lincoln

In fact, up till now you have been bringing your past into your future by re creating your past. It is time to create your real future by conditioning your mind and becoming an expert on success principles. And be committed. For if you are not failing you are not moving forward. For when you make the decision to live your most fulfilling life you are never alone. The Genius within you will carry you all through the way.